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  • Indigenous Art Stickers


    These vibrant Indigenous art stickers provide an excellent way for educators, nurses, parents, and child care workers to celebrate and appreciate children’s achievements. Featuring 150 permanent stickers across 8 unique designs, this set offers a versatile and meaningful way to recognize and encourage young learners. The stickers are printed in Canada on Vancouver Island, ensuring high-quality and culturally-appropriate artwork that celebrates the rich Indigenous artistic traditions of the region. Teachers, child care providers, and parents can use these stickers to:

    • Reward good work and positive behavior
    • Decorate classroom materials, homework, and art projects
    • Personalize cards, envelopes, and other correspondence
    • Encourage creativity and self-expression
  • Indigenous art stickers: Avec des mots d’appréciation (Français)


    Autocollants d’art Indigène brillamment conçus : Mots d’appréciation comprend 150 autocollants permanents dans 8 motifs. Comprend 5 feuilles 8.5″ X 11″.